Yalla to the Streets ! – Queer stays Radical !

The CSDs in Kreuzberg have a long history. For 19 years Queers have been showing face, despite the pressure of mainstreaming and assimilation. As the “big” CSD is moving the historical date due to football, and has developed into a parade of political parties, embassies, and gay-friendly companies, the Kreuzberger CSD is sticking to its core issues: against displacement, exploitation, gentrification, eviction, and deportation; against heteronormativity and sexism, against racism and anti-semitism, and repeatedly against the power structures and discrimination within the queer scenes.

Today we are taking those same issues to the streets, for they are also our issues. For some time, and even more so since the Summer of Migration, we have experienced a massive instrumentalization of our struggles. What has become less repression for some – and even that is and remains too much – should now justify the repression of others: People tell us, we should protect ourselves and be protected against so-called “North-African men”and against Muslim people as them being all homo-hostile and antidemocratic. We should defend ourselves against the enemies of so-called “European values.” More and more representatives of this discourse are feeding the media with racist headlines on a daily basis, not just on the rightwing fringe or at the center of society, but also here at Kotti, the lefty and alternative neighbourhood : “At Kotti, it’s Cologne every day.” The danger zone Kotti should thus be safeguarded with more police and racial profiling.
We oppose the criminalisation of refugees and PoC on behalf of women* and Queers. We are against the paternalism and portrayal of women* and Queers as vulnerable victims to be protected. We will not let our political struggles be played off against those who are unable to share in the so-called achievements of Western society due to having the wrong origin/place of birth/background, speaking the wrong languages, or carrying the wrong passports. States who fight a murderous war against refugees, whereby thousands of people die on their routes of flight, at border fences, in the Mediterranean, in the reception centers, and in deportations, do not need to decorate themselves with human rights. They are complicit in the deprivation of rights and the persecution of Queer, political, and other refugees.

Let us take the streets together:

– against pinkwashing and homonationalism!
– for the recognition of all genders, identities, bodies, and families beyond the hetero norm!
– for autonomy over our bodies and access to medical treatment – for refugees_trans_women_inter_ _and those physically-challenged!
– for the right of social participation and the right to decent and affordable housing!

Let us fight for a self-determined, mutually supportive togetherness in our neighbourhood and internationally!